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Mapping Linear Boundary

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I have a small town administrator that has asked if I could map the boundary of the town for him.  I have done a small map of a neighborhood in drone deploy, but have not been able to figure out how to effectively map a linear boundary.  Anyone here have any experience with this type of mapping or the best way to get it done?

I thought about creating a skinny flight area along the border of the town, but with all of the twists and turns of the border I don't see that being an easy feat. A waypoint mission may work, but I don't know of any compatible mapping program that does mapping from a simple waypoint mission.  The options I have so far are Drone Deploy, Litchi, DJI Ground Station, and Maps Made Easy  

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful!


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Just spoke with our Mapping & Modeling instructor, and here was his response:


It would really depend on the size and shape of the town, but it is going to require overlap no matter what. I personally would try to create a mission(s) that were skinny and mapped the boundaries. I doubt there is much of a short cut here. If you did a plane, that could cut down on the # of missions, but is just as much of a pain if you ask me. I think a well planned Drone Deploy mission would be best. Other tips would be flying slightly higher if accuracy isn't a top priority to capture more area per flight.


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