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On Oct 3, almost 4 months ago, I sent an email to the ATL FSDO as follows. " I currently hold a Part 107 remote pilot certificate (temporary).  Obviously, if I am operating a sUAV commercially I must abide by the Part 107 regulations.  However, if I am operating recreationally am I bound by the hobbyist guidelines or must I always operate under the Part 107 regulations?"

I never got a reply and had given up. Today I got an email saying they have been having email problems and to call if I still needed assistance.  At first I thought why bother since I will most likely get a recording or no human.  Man, was I wrong.  Got a guy who really knows his UAV stuff and while some may feel that the answer was obvious, I wanted to be certain. Yes, I can have the best of both worlds is the bottom line.  However, as an inspector he suggested that a copy of those community based guidelines be included in the manual that I keep handy in case of an inspection.  So for those that are AMA members (I need to re-join) for example, have all that info handy if operating non-commercially in controlled airspace and after proper notification has been provided to Airport management and local tower, if there is one. He also emphasized that you do not need permission, you simply must notify.  The good news is that I can now fly from my front lawn!

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