Contacting nearby airports when flying in Class G airspace

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I live within Class E airspace with a floor at 700' AGL (according to the regional chart legend), which I interpret to mean that Class G airspace exists from surface to 700' AGL.  I'm a bit confused with the requirement (or not) to notify a nearby small airport if I'm operating a sUAS withing 5 NM of that airport (no change in airspace categorization at the airport).  And does that requirement (or not) change depending if you are flying as a recreational pilot vs a Part 107 remote PIC.  Please cite applicable FAA rules or guidelines.


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This topic is confuse to me as well; I live within 5 miles of a Dollar General's heliport and I understand I can fly my drone, without a notification need, if I'm doing it under small UAS rule.  What about if I want to fly over 400ft? Do I need to contact the Heliport directly or submit a waiver through FAA?

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