Drone Practicing & Ready to Begin Work

Luke Dillon

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So I just bought my drone 2 weeks ago and have about 5 hours of practice. I have a good feel for the aircraft and able to do the basics. For those more experienced pilots, when did you feel you were ready to start reaching out to businesses about offering your services to them? What flying techniques did you feel you had to master before doing it? 

Also, other than watching YouTube videos are there any good resources out there to learn how to get better at flying a drone?

I want to start reaching out to people but weary my skillset may not be there yet.



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Need your part 107, a good website, business license (if city/town requires one), business cards, lots of practice shooting properties (do a few for no charge). I would not try to go commercial until logging around 30 hours total (windy, sunny, cloudy, dawn, dusk. Last thing u want to have is a crash.mishap in front of customers, or software snafu. there is no substitute for experience (I've had two crashes and numerous snafus, all in private and away from prying eyes) . There are only two types of UAV pilots; those that have crashed and those that are going to.


I am sure others will add to this list. 

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