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I have a drone from MJX Toys model 705C that isn't communicating between drone and remote control. Received it as a gift and it hasn't worked. I turn on the drone, then the remote, moving the left stick up then back. The lights on the drone stay flashing and never enter steady, indicating successful pairing. All batteries are fresh and I can't find dip switches anywhere to change. The remote says it operates in the 2.4G range. Any assistance would be appreciated!


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Steve - thanks for the advice.  I have reached to MJXToys a few times, to no avail.  They're based out of Hong Kong and it doesn't look promising. I took my drone to a local reputable hobby shop and they couldn't figure it out either.  They said it may take a while to sync, so I'm on a mission now.  May be too late to take it back to the vendor.

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