NEW Lowered Price!! Inspire 1 RAW (X5R) Full Kit, lots of extras!! Low hours. USA

Christian Tucci

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Inspire 1 RAW (X5R) Full Kit! Batteries, dual RCs, lot of extras. Expertly maintained and low time. USA.

Well, we are selling our faithful Inspire 1 RAW with X5R. Got this shortly after it was released from DJI last year for use on a few jobs but now with Inspire 2 we are shooting most stuff with that and X5S.

(pictures attached)

This aircraft is in top condition. Total 24 hours of flight and expertly maintained. Complete and detailed maintenance and flight records have been kept on the aircraft and the batteries. Batteries have been cycled religiously every 10 charges. This kit contains everything you need to get up and going except a mobile device for the controllers of course.

We are a professional aerial cinematography provider in New York. Having worked decades in aerial filming with helicopters, we adapted our knowledge and drone upkeep procedures from those of the manned aircraft. Even visually this aircraft is spotless. Very light signs of use, few small marks near where the gimbal attaches, small scratch on one of the RCs, etc...

Never had an issue with this aircraft at all. Has latest firmware and operates without any problems.

Kit available on Long Island or in southern Connecticut locally, or can ship to you...

Total Value of Kit as We Purchased It: $7,300

TOTAL KIT SALE PRICE: $5,900 $5,500 $5,300 (you can make an offer too) PM or email


Kit Contains:

1 – Inspire 1 RAW (v2.0) Aircraft

1 – Zenmuse X5R Camera/Gimbal with DJI MFT f/1.7 15mm Lens

1 – X5R 512GB SSD

1 – X5R SSD Reader and USB 3.0 Cable

2 – Remote Controllers (for dual op use)

2 – Sets of Props (1 un-opened, other in great condition)

5 – Batteries (1 TB47, 4 TB48s) (battery cycles below)

4 – Motor Dust Guards (the red rings on the motors in picture)

1 – DJI 4-Position Battery Charging Hub

1 – DJI Battery Heater

1 – DJI 100W charger (with AC cable)

1 – DJI 180W rapid charger (with AC cable)

1 – Battery to RC charger cable

2 – Micro USB Cables

1 – Spare Gimbal Mounting Plate Vibration Dampers Kit

3 – Battery Insulation Sticker Kits

2 – DJI RC Shoulder Straps

4 – Neewer Lens Filters for X5R (2 NDs, 1 CP, 1 UV)

1 – DJI Inspire 1 RAW Suitcase (great condition)

1 – DJI X5R Box (great condition, fits in DJI suitcase)

1 – All original documentation and case foam inserts/caps/plugs, etc...


Battery Cycles as follows:

The 1 TB47: 30 cycles

The 4 TB48s: 30 cycles, 23 cycles, 26 cycles, 21 cycles

Happy to answer any questions!









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