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Alan, I know I have shown this to you but thought I would get some feedback from others on the forum on what they think of my logo from a business standpoint.

Its been copyrighted and is filed to be registered.

I think it would be great to see other folks logos if they have them , fortunately since I own  an embroidery /screen printing company it makes the promotional part of business advertising easier and affordable.  

I have always believed word of mouth is by far one of the greatest ways to advertise ones business or services.  Be great at what you do and over deliver to your customers / clients every single time and stand behind what you do.

I am looking forward to the progression of Air One UAV Flight Services,  still in the start up mode


Dean / Air One

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28 minutes ago, Lewis@IcarusAerials said:

Just be careful when you use companies like fiverr (I'm a huge fiverr fan BTW!). Often they will just do slight variations of the same logo and sell it to multiple people. 

That's interesting,  never thought about that. I didon't get all the copyrights. Makes me wonder how much Chang has to be done before the copyright is no longer valid

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Ricardo, here is the link to the US Copyright Office.

A lot of people will tell you there just need to me a small amount of changes to make if one is wanting to use someone

else design, not true. I have heard people say that something must be changed by a factor of at least 20% to avoid any copyright infringement issues.

The minimum you need to change something to avoid copyright issues is 100%.

If any of your content is copied without permission from somewhere that is subject to copyright then you have stolen that content.

I have one Registered Trade Mark I have had for years and two designs that are copyrighted I had my attorney do the trademark and I used the above kink to file my own copyrights.

Below are three basic things you would want to keep in mind for general informational purposes only.

1. Obtain royalty-free images from reputable sources.

2. Do a “background search” on any image before using it.

3. Take your own photos or create your own design



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10 hours ago, said:

That's interesting,  never thought about that. I didon't get all the copyrights. Makes me wonder how much Chang has to be done before the copyright is no longer valid

My concern isn't so much legal, it is just having something different than the 100000 other people out there :). 

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If your happy with your logo and that is what you like and want to use it , then use it, and if somewhere down the road someone says its there logo , deal with it then.

With all the information available online and elsewhere for us all to look at its hard to tell if anyone else has something close to yours.

As mentioned earlier . it looks nice , good colors. Use It!  You like , that's what matters

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Your respective logos look nice. Interestingly some of the names you guys have are names I looked at registering but were taken (in Australia). I also chose a name that would allow me to register a '' and 'com' domain. 

Here is ours. Our name is Opterra - The name is a hybrid of two Latin words Optera and Terra. Optera refers to wings. While our RPA doesn’t have wings as the name might suggest, it does remind us of a wasp (from the order Hymenoptera) and was the inspiration for the name. Terra means Earth; and while our business may be to capture aerial imagery, it is the Earth that is our subject.




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Hello Rylan, very nicely done, when I first listed my logo for Air One, I was in hopes of getting others to post here for all to see, and it looks as if we might be getting a few.  I noticed on my original post that two of the segments in my logo did not attach, here is the correct layout.

It is interesting to see the names and logos of others and how they came up with them.

In my case I spent a lot of time in the air while in law enforcement and Air One was a call sign and since I did not not want to limit myself in what I might offer for UAV services that is where flight services came in.

I was also able to link domain names in several variations of the name.

Hope to see other logos and names posted


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