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Business Oportunities using Drones

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Welcome @Pablo Longoria, the uses for UAVs are pretty much endless, basic photography for most industries, mapping, advertising and the list goes on, you can also google your question and then read, read and still read all the articles on uses for UAVs.

If you have not yet obtained your FAA 107 , that is if you live in the US I would start studying for that and that can be done here at

Great amount of information there, then if you have not purchased some type of UAV, look around and see what model with suit your needs.

Then practice and practice flying, and if you have never run or owned a business you need to also research the ends and out of business ownership.


Good luck, stay on the forum and look over all the topics here and I believe most of your questions can be answered here.

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I am based in San Antonio Texas and in Monterrey Mexico

I am a Chemical Engineer with academic and industrial experience... I am putting together a drone school in Mexico and would like to get involved in Thermal videography.

I recently got the FAA remote pilot certificate


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Thermal imaging is really cool especially for energy efficiency studies of buildings. I've been wanting to visit San Antonio, call me if you'd like I have a LEED A.P as well as my part 107.


305 834 2929

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