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I have a couple of potential large clients within a couple of miles of me. One has a granite quarry, stone crushing, and asphault manufacuring. Another has a very large stone & gravel company, does land clearing and developing including some properties they purchase for themselves. The later is currently doing a 400 acre site clearing where the town has a, I believe, national company provide drone arerial photography to satisfy the town on the work near wet lands.

Since my interest is in the commercial industrial, construction, inspection areas, including real estate to put money in my pocket while building the other desired insdustries, I am looking to partner or obtain the hardware and software to give me the opportunity to work such projects and industries. There have been a number of players that offer solutions like this in the last year. Since this is a startup venture, I want to approach companies like this but need the tools and support from the right vendor, especial when budgeting is rather tight to this startup and is crutial. Marketing material and support would obviously be very important to do some hand-holding with me while I get going. I work in the mid Massachusetts areas to Southern NH.

My goal is to have the needed vendor I can work with prior to knocking on doors, especially if I don't have the right marketing material or hardware/software to see it thru and potential loose a client by wasting his time.

Does anyone have any vendors they would suggest given the above?

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How much are you willing to pay for the priveledge of supplying you with equiment and support?  How much are you going to charge for your services?  It sounds like one of the companies you want to sell too is already using a service, how do you plan to win their business?  

If you had an evangelists inside those companies that was telling you that you had a real chance for a substantial contract then sure, you could broker a deal and become a value added service provider for a developer or manufacturer.  

But there would have to be significant encentive, if you want to build a sustainable service provider business, it's expensive.

good luck, let us know how it goes.

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