Inspire 2 Propellers


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The P4P is notorious for the propellers getting in the shots at higher speeds. I THOUGHT this was eliminated by using a drone like the Inspire 2? I flew the Inspire 2 today (in sport mode at high speed) for the 3rd time and the propellers were constantly in the shot. Am I missing something here? I'd love to be educated if i'm simply flying it incorrectly...


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I guess slowing down a smirchy tad and adjusting the gimbal a smidget lower would help alleviate it. But sometimes ya just can't! In this case I was trying to keep up with a bald eagle. As you can imagine, he won the race. (still got some cool shots though).

And yes Uaviator53, this is the Inspire 2 (no color corrections and cropped) 


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