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Hello all,

I found this site by chance when I googled the best drones to use for camera work. I have always had a love

for photography and videography but never thought there would be a commercial use for the pass time. I definitely

define myself as a novice flying because so far I have only piloted 3 drones: a mini one about the size of a wallet, the CoD UAV, and a Potensic F183DH.

Funny [no so funny] story about my F183DH: I only owned it for a a couple weeks and only flew it once because the second time I went to fly it the blasted thing

flew up as high into the air as it would go without me doing anything and wouldn't respond to my controls at yea I lost a $200 drone on my second flight and have alot to learn.

Pitty party aside I am eager to learn and to get to meet some friends in the drone community!


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