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I would like to add video streaming to my UAV and display it on a laptop or tablet. I currently have a Mobius Action camera mounted on a 2 axis gimbal and it does provide composite video and audio out but would prefer to go with a digital solution rather than analogue. I know that analogue video provides very low latency which is essential for FPV but I really just want to be able to frame my video or pictures and so some latency could be tolerated. I believe that some other cameras like the GoPro have built in wifi streaming but I read that its not a good idea to use it while flying as it can interfere with the 2.4 Ghz radio used for controlling the UAV. Any thoughts or ideas on this topic would be most welcome.

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You are correct about the GoPro Wi-Fi. I have a Phantom 2 with a Zenmuse gimbal for my GoPro, and the #1 rule is to NEVER have the Wi-Fi on the GoPro turned on while flying, it messes with the 2.4Ghz that you use to control the quad, so bad things could happen.

Maybe you can somehow get the video on an iPad or Android tablet, then stream it out from there, maybe a Periscope/Meerkat thing..?

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