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I am looking at purchasing the 4 Pro + plus but somewhat concerned reading some of the comments on the forum about the production stoppage of the phantom 4's ( not the plus ) I still feel this will be a great drone for me, and after reading some of the post feel DGI will continue to support the plus. Would it be better if I wait and see what they come up with Or look at others Could you please advise me on my this?

thanks for any advice


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If you are worried about that, maybe wait until the next one comes out. DJI seems to come out with a new model on a yearly basis. Just because they stop production, doesn't = no support. They stopped production of the Pro 3 a couple years ago but they released a firmware update fall of 2016.

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The problem as I see it is that if you wait for the next one to come out, there will be another one on the horizon then too, and that will sound even better than the one you've already waited for. I would think you're better off getting what you want now. I got the 4 Pro+ a couple months ago and absolutely don't regret it.

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