Licensed and Insured UAV Pilots Needed

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Hi everyone,

My company has the possibility of drone shoots in some areas we don't have coverage. We will need about one minute of finished footage and the payout would be between $200 and $250. We are specifically looking for help in Clemson, South Carolina, Waco, Texas and Norman, Oklahoma.

Please pm me or email me at if you are interested.

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Mike Tucker in NW Arkanssas. 


From another thread.

Looks Like no one has Posted here in awhile. Any new suggestions? Mercy I love to fly drones. I just sold my 

P3S I currently have

a P3P a P4, P4Pro Plus and an Inspire 1 2.0 version. Not bragging at all. This has been almost 2 year planing project. I am retired and have pick up a young partner named Joe Williams. At a Christmas party the year before my other half said they gave away a Drone at the place she worked. I had several small drones but had trouble flying them. I spent 150 bucks that I thought was just crazy. It was like I was spending 5,000 bucks!! Anyway I couldn't fly it very well. My son comes over and he is a 'Gamer". NO problem for him. SO I read somewhere that the DJI drones anyone could fly. I  bought the P#S and it's been down hill since.. LOL

I am currently using RTV that I learned about form Alan. It works great but getting Brokers, agents, small business owners to sign up has been tough. I live in Arkansas. Van Buren, Ft Smith area.

ANY new info? I and charging 150 bucks for stills of a home and 250 bucks for the drone included. Really depends on the home.

BUT signing up anyone has been a brick wall. I really thought since I know so may people this was going to be a a snap. NOT SO!!


Lets see if this works??

I have thousands of Pics and vidoes. 

Mike Tucker (Still under construction) But useable OR

ANYONE care to update and share?? I may post this to the signing agents thread, Thanks in advance.

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