p4 pro vs inspire 2 x4s

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I think it depends on how much acreage your target farmland contains. Depending on how much, neither would be a good fit. 4s should be good enough for most traditional building oriented construction sites, Inspire might be overkill unless you want really good image quality for marketing purposes. Also, for farmland, 4s doesn't have swappable sensors so that's a no go right there for that application. I think the Inspire can swap to a IR camera, not 100% certain though, so that would be something to look at first. If you are set on the DJI product line, give the Matrice platform a look first before deciding as they offer a bit more flexibility with sensor platforms.

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On 4/15/2017 at 5:53 PM, Tim123 said:

In the early 2017 drone market, is the inspire 2 worth getting over the phantom 4 pro when it comes to mapping construction sites and farmland.


Steve's advice is solid. The Inspire 1 will handle the XT (FLIR). The Inspire 2 will not (go figure). Keep in mind the Phantoms, 3 or 4 have a fixed gimbal, the camera is not interchangeable in the field. I've done solid mapping with my P3P, under 200 acres. What is your experience level, own any drones? What's your budget and your business model?

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I have owned the phantom 3 pro since it first came out. I'm probably going to do more construction projects at first. When it comes to farmland does one need ir sensors and ndvi or is the regular camera useful at all for now? Drone Deploy is the software that I will probably be using unless I learn of another that is better. 



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