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 Alan Perlman asks new members to introduce themselves, and here I am.  I am a Graduate of the University of Dubuque's Aviation program and Aviation Advisory Board Member for them.  My full time job is with John Deere, and in agriculture, there are certainly growing opportunities evolving.  I am also looking at business opportunities within the drone industry form ag to real estate, not necessarily US based.  I am amazed at how drones help in managing crops from pest control to nutrient management and storm damage assessment.  I see in California, Yamaha utilizes large RC helicopters to spray specialty crops and I see this as a good market for drones.  I feel drones have their place with good rules and management of those operating the drones.  I want to support this to grow a viable industry for career opportunities.


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@Heathen Welcome! Drones are doing some cool stuff in agriculture! I know that about a month ago John Deere made a deal with drone start up Kesprey to sell drones to construction companies. Also given that fact that agricultural drones really need to link to machines that John Deere sells, your own company might be a good place to start!

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm really interested in the agriculture space too...I grew up on a ranch in Texas!

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