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I have an unusual request. I have a new titanium ankle joint which required 4 surgeries and stem cell transplants over the past 14 months. I can't walk yet. I'm now a couple months from healing up. I just passed my Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification and have my Temporary Airman Certificate. (attached). I will buy a drone in May or June. I will need post production video editing in all of the markets that I will enter.

I will be enrolling in Aerial-Post Production 101 and downloading the 30 day trial version of Final Cut Pro X, which I will then purchase. Because I have no drone and haven't been able to walk, I have no raw footage to edit for this course.

I'm looking for a forum user who would be willing to let me use their raw footage so that I can enroll in this course.

I would recognize your implicit or explicit copyrights and not use your footage for anything else other than this specific course. I also would need your permission to submit my final project to Christian Tucci , the course designer, for appraisal and editing suggestions. I would make it clear to Mr. Tucci that it is your footage and provide your name as the videographer. Once I learn how to annotate the footage, I will label every frame with the words, "Footage Provided by Mr/Ms X with their Permission". The phraseology of this credit would be up to you.

If any of you are willing to let me use your raw footage under these conditions and any other conditions that your would like to impose, please let me know.

Not knowing how much footage I will need and how much footage I might receive, it would be great if more than one person would offer to make their footage available. I do not care about the subject matter or content of the video. If you have video with a contiguous subject matter, that would be ideal. I will be trying to tell a story. But the man with no footage can't be too particular!

I can use 720,1080, and 4K video with just about any frame rate: 30, 60,120.  I am not trying to produce the highest resolution or smoothest video. I am just trying to learn the functions and features of Final Cut Pro X so I can become a good video editor post production.

Final Cut Pro X can accept the following file formats for editing:

"A QuickTime movie file uses a .mov file extension. And it is also compatible with MP4, M4V, and QT formats ONLY. I will be using Final Cut Pro X on a Mac Book Pro. Other file formats would have to be converted and may not produce good results.

Once I get at least one commitment for raw footage, I will enroll in this course and provide you with some kind of screen shot or email acknowledgement as proof that I am actually enrolled in this course. I will also provide you with access to my final project on my cloud drive so that you can see that I have provided proper attribution or credit to you.

I am willing to sign a NDA, Non-Disclosure Agreement with the one exception I requested above to submit my final project to the course director, Christian Tucci.

I wanted to complete this course so that I can hit the ground running or walking as I start my new business.

I hope there is someone out there who can be of assistance.

Many thanks,

Gordon Campbell

Batavia, IL



Remote Pilot Temp Certificate.gif

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Glad to see your interest in the course. I actually supply a download to the footage I use in the course to teach Final Cut. I understand if you want to use different footage for your edit than what I use to make sure you are making something unique, but you are welcome to use my footage via that download link.

Looking forward to working with you in the course!



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I missed the part about you supplying the footage. I have no need or desire for anything else but what you supply. I can see the logic behind using your standardized footage.  I'm sorry I went through all that discourse. I guess I should sign up for a literacy course as a prerequisite to taking yours.

Not only am I without a drone at this point, I am without a computer powerful enough to run Final Cut Pro X. I am looking at the new Mac Book Pro or the Mac Pro 6 Core. My current computer is an old Mac Book Pro 2008 that doesn't meet the minimum Final Cut requirements.

I found out today that I qualify for Apple's $199 educational software package with my computer purchase which includes;

Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor, plus Logic Pro X and MainStage

I haven't even looked into what those other packages provide and really don't care at this point. However, it seems to be a good Pro X price by itself.

I have a lot to learn...a day at a time.

I should make this purchase in the next 4 weeks or so.

I look forward to working with you also.



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