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I'm shocked no one has posted up some of their work yet, but I am very happy to get it started!

These examples were flown using Maps Made Easy and a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.  Both shots have digital elevation models (DEM) as part of the ortho-mosiac.  You can turn on the DEM in the upper right hand corner.

An office building in Lakewood, CO

My townhouse complex in Arvada, CO

I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so I can go shoot some more missions like these.  In my opinion the photogrammetry is one of the most amazing things coming out of UAV technology combined with MASSIVE online processing power.  

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Lewis, I have a question about the images here, and am wondering if it is a normal artifact of the MME software. It seems that when I'm zoomed in all the way, I notice the edges of the buildings and fences have a wobbly / jagged appearance. It only seems to appear along the faces of the buildings where there is a large difference in height between the top of the face and the ground. If this is a normal artifact, does it interfere with getting that 1cm accuracy for survey jobs? Does this effect lessen if you are closer to the targets or get worse? I'm assuming it is the point where the software is using less of the data from a face seen from an angle, than from the top down angle.


Nice images btw! I can't wait to do my neighborhood when my UAVs arrive. Definitely looks like using the mid day sun would make for less shadowy images.

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There are some artifacts. It is going to vary on a lot of variables. The more overlap, the better it usually is. Items like fences are difficult because they have such a low surface area from above. If you process the data yourself you can sometimes get a better result by manually matching up points, but usually MME/DD do pretty good job.

A lot of variables are going to go into how accurate your maps are (gps, hdop, etc). If you are worried about accuracy, put down some ground control points and measure out their distance, and then compare with the map. On MME you can match up the images with specific lat/long too. 

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I have a question about the shadows that are cast. Can you take a couple of flights one in the morning and one in the afternoon to eliminate shadows, or will the software blend the shadows in and cause shadows to be everywhere? It seems the best time to do this would only be at noon.

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If you want a shadowless map/model, then either noon, a cloudy part of the day (every freaking day here in Michigan). 

We've never had any issues with shadows being present. The details still show up and all of the data (like volumetrics) is still there. 

I'm not 100% sure about the processing of the shadows. The software is going to look for common points and try to match those. Introducing variability could just end up causing parts to look fuzzy/not consistent (this is assume there is a large difference). 

This might be a fun experiment on a lazy sunny Sunday. 

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