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Hey everybody. I've started a new aerial videography business in Colorado. I'm putting together a fee schedule for a prospective client and want to be sure I'm within the range of others doing the same thing. I'm not necessarily looking for exact rates, but I don't want to be the company that is under-charging and bringing the industry standard rates down. From some things I've read elsewhere, I was thinking about $250 -  $500 for 5 - 10 pictures and 1 battery flight time. $750 for raw video and $1000+ for edited video and multiple battery usage. This is for a company in the construction industry that wants a time lapse video and I'd amend the pricing for multiple visits. I've scanned through the forum to see if something similar has been asked, but didn't see it. I really appreciate that this forum exists and thank you in advance for any insights you all are able to provide.

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Hi Eric,

If you are simply delivering 10, unedited photos, $500 would be what I consider the high end, you might get away with $250. Same for video, Maybe $500 for one video that consumes one battery flight time, unedited. Once you get into photo/video editing, then you can start charging more. 

For reference, DroneBase charges people $100-50, delivers edited photos plus a stitched VR and provides web hosting.

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