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Tilt-Shift/Diorama Mini Time Lapse in Strong Winds: Mavic Stability+Battery Test


Hi, here’s an unplanned short video of a tilt-shift/miniature/diorama with the Mavic Pro. I was initially planning to see how well and how long it would hover under strong winds and okayish temps. Speeds in the video vary between 100x and 4000x plus a reversed clip.

Editing was a lot more work than I expected, so I hope you enjoy watching it! Please check out my tutorial videos and other stuff as well!

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Okay - sorry for the stupid question here but the warp-stabilized version of your footage looks very good - I am a Final Cut Pro X user and have never heard of a warp stabilizing technique - can you please tell where I can get more information about the use of warp stabilizing? Is it a function that is available in Resolve or Premier Pro, or perhaps a plug in for one of those video editors???

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Warp stabilization is part of the tracker in After Effects.  I don't believe its available as a plugin but I'd be surprised if it hasn't found its way into PPRo.

I use SmoothCam in FCP7x, its a 2D stabilizer that works pretty well.  But it has to analyze the entire sequence which can take a long time so its better to "pre-render" whatever specific section you want stabilized before applying it.

The tracker in resolve is very good 3D tracker with perspective.  

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