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Registering a NOTAM with the FAA

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Hey everybody, just wanted to pass on some info about dealing with the FAA and NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen).

I have been traveling around the country shooting with a Phantom 3 Pro for an MTV show.

I start the process as soon as production can give me the info.(welcome to reality TV!)

You will need a pretty good idea of locations and time frame. 

First I use "airmap" which is a great app for getting local contact info for heliports, schools, etc.

Then I go to, which are sectional maps, to get exact Latitude/Longitude of where I will be operating. 

Then I call the FAA (877-487-6867) to get a NOTAM registered

The FAA will ask you for the following info:

- Lat/ Long of area for the operation

- Proximity to local airports especially anything within 5 NM

- Radius of operation (NM)

- Height of operation (AGL)

- Date and time (local or Zulu)

- your name and contact info

- Organization name

They will then issue a NOTAM #.

I keep this info with me when shooting incase anybody asks me if I have permission, etc.

And it reassures the producers that you are doing your due diligence.

Hope this helps!


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Let's hold on a second.   If you're talking about a Part 107 Certificate holder and a commercial operation, before filing a NOTAM have you already obtained an FAA Airspace Authorization?  I seem to have missed that along the way. After you went to Sky Vector, what was the class of air space you were planning to operate in?

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I too am curious about the circumstances in which you are filing a NOTAM. Unless part of the provisions of a waiver, it is not required or even possible under 107 as far as I know. Section 333 required it for a lot of flights though.

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