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I'm just now looking into drones as a way to do inspections on wind turbines and use lidar capabilities in the oil and gas piping industry. Currently we use a Faro 3D scanner to get a point cloud in Scene and use the point cloud in cadworx to make models that are accurate to the environment. I was wondering has anyone used the lidar capabilities on drones to make point clouds for modeling? Are the tolerances good? 

Also has anyone here used drones to do wind turbine inspections? What would you charge per turbine? 

I'm looking into all of this as a possible avenue for the company I work for to get into currently our niche is oil and gas piping. We have done some structural inspections and incident reports as well I think a drone would be good for us to do information gathering and help us when we do project proposals. Your thoughts on this?


Jonathan Harder

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Hi Jonathan, check out out site  We have had a few potential clients in the turbine industry and a few pretty solid leads at the moment.  Hit me up at and I will share some of our strategies with you around the renewable market - would be happy to help.  Likewise, we are able to support any of your needs.  We are looking for qualified pilots, if you are interested. 

Safe Flying!

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