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My name is John West and I live in Colorado.  I am setting up to fly my DJI Phantom 3 commercially in the Denver/Boulder area.  Alan is helping me with my Section 333 exemption, I have applied for the N-tail number for my DJI, I am working toward my Sport Pilot license, and my company, Apex Companies, has secured the 1 million dollar aviation liability policy.  I am expecting to be at full throttle by April.  

I will be helping Apex Companies offer aerial ortho-mosaics like the one linked below:

We will also be offering inspection aerial photography and videography.  

Since the 333 will be in my name I expect to be freelancing a bit by offering other aerial photography and videography services.  My website is at:

Looking forward to seeing what kind of resources all of you have been finding that I haven't seen yet.  Likewise, I have been researching this field pretty hard and hope to contribute to the conversation.  

Cheers, John West

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Hi John,

Welcome to the forum! Cool to see that you'll be doing orthomosaics. Will have to connect you to Lewis and Trevor at They've been working on a 3D Mapping / Modeling curriculum. In the meantime, definitely let us know what questions you have.

Also, good luck w/ the Big Island Marathon! I ran an ultramarathon last year and am hanging my endurance running shoes up for a while, but love me some good 'ole fashioned marathon training :)

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