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Hi there. I'm totally new in maps and photogrammetry. I recently took the Uav coach course. It seemed very easy to me.

But I was wrong. Hahaha

so I grabbed my drone, installed maps made easy and took my photos...and nothing happened. I was hoping that MME gave me a map, but oh no, it only took the photos...oh deception....

'so I turned to pix4d...only to discover it wasn't cheap and the free version was only for pc....second terrible deception....

'so here I am....looking for a program to help me mapping and develop 3D models ...any suggestions..?



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ok, so i started using photoscan. Appears great from the top but when i try to reconstruct in 3d the result its awful. i don't know but the rooftops of the houses appears not straight but curved...i wonder if it is the lens of my phantom3, or should i give a parameter to align the lenses...good news its that  i started a map with mapsmadeasy, so now im uploading my photos and i´ll have to wait for the 36 hours...

then i discover there´s a beta option for mac of pix4d, and did my first map and 3d reconstruction...i think its not so bad for being my first

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-10 a las 7.26.22 p.m..png

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What do you mean by oblique shots? How should I took them? Ididn't saw that option in the MME app for iPad.m That's interesting because I think that's what my photos are lacking of because from the upside they look great but when I move the 3D It looks O.o terrible 

Also my overlap would be better if I take the photos more higher? Or lower? Because maps made easy app let me choose between 40-120 mts. how does this affects the quality of maps? 


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On 11 de febrero de 2016 at 8:47 AM, Lewis@IcarusAerials said:

What do you mean by awful? If you have your overlap/side lap lower, and don't get any oblique shots, the 3D model isn't going to be crisp.

The P3 doesn't have fish eye, so I don't think any correction is needed there, and the camera info should be embedded in the file. 

OH I have noticed there's a forum of angled shots, but from what I understood it's almost manual flying and angled shots, not really depending on an app to do it...should it be better to do with the Dji go app  in point of interest and take angled photos for 3D building reconstructions?

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i think its improving....this is an old abandoned factory in a small village in Merida Yucatan in Mexico, done in Pix4d.Any comments on this one??? ..but it doesn't allow me to upload to sketchfab because it doesn't create the i think its because its the free version...any solution? any other software that allow me to?

by the way this was created with no maps made easy because i didn't have internet it was on dji go app using waypoints and a point of interest flight with two bad after all???


Captura de pantalla 2016-02-15 a las 12.45.19 a.m..png

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-15 a las 12.50.10 a.m..png

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-15 a las 1.28.23 a.m..png

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That is looking pretty good for a manual flight! 

I know Photoscan offers a direct upload. 

Here are the instructions from Pix4D:

More is usually better, but there comes a point where it just takes more time to process and the results don't improve much. Think 99% overlap and 99% sidelap. There is decreasing returns at some point. 


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On 2/18/2016 at 1:05 AM, hcdv said:

I followed instructions but the program doesn't output a zip file. I think because it's not payed version...

Hi hcdv,


True. The free Discovery does not output results.

You may apply for a trial or the yearly rental of Pix4Dmapper Mesh, which costs like some hundreds...


Best Regards,

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