Greetings from Los Angeles!

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My name is Jim Brammer and I am a professional photographer whose commercial studio business is evolving to embrace aerial photography using UAS. The name of my aerial photography company is Soaring Vistas Media. I have applied for my FAA 333 Exemption in order to fly commercially and look forward to marketing my services for aerial photography. 
It all started about three years ago when, out of curiosity, I purchased a Parrot AR. Drone. As I taught myself how to fly, I realized the potential of UAS in the photography/cinematography market, especially in my home town of Los Angeles. After purchasing several other "toy" helicopters and quadcopter and putting in a lot of practice flying hours, I decided to jump in deeper and acquired a DJI Phantom 2, on which I mounted a GoPro camera with a 3D gimbal and a video downlink. Following that, I built a DJI F550 - a 550mm class hexicopter - on which I also installed a 3D gimbal and GoPro camera, along with a more sophisticated, robust control system and video downlink. Most recently, I acquired a DJI Phantom 3 Professional. As revenue and business opportunities dictate, I plan to grow into larger UAS platforms that support medium-to-full-sized DSLR and cinematography cameras. 
Thank you Alan, for everything you are doing to support the commercial UAS industry!
I look forward to contributing to, growing with and learning from this community!!
Jim Brammer
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