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Hey all,

This is Brad Spinuzzi with Adrenaline Aerial Imaging Inc.  I am president and chief Pilot-In-Command for Adrenaline Aerial Imaging Inc.  We primarily do construction, real estate, and industrial photography but, my passion is action and adventure sports of all kinds. I'll film that for fun any day, all day!!  I am learning the "artistic" side of photography and working hard to improve my cinematography, piloting, filming, editing etc.  My main experience thus far has been cold-weather, back-country filming, high altitude, commercial construction projects, etc.  Always looking to learn from anyone willing to pass along some info and of course return the favor.  I look forward to meeting you guys.  I am very friendly, have a good (but sometimes ornery sense of humor) and willing to work with/for almost anyone.  If you're ever in my neighborhood, shoot me an e-mail or give me a call.  I'd love to go fly, film, learn, teach, partner, contract, sub-contract, etc.  Now enjoy our flagship video, a little film of what I do in my spare time and where my heart is when it isn't raising my "herd" of children.  Thanks for checking us out.

Sincerely and Respectfully,





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