STORM 32 gimbal controller


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I'm trying to flash the firmware on my storm 32 gimbal controller. I have and FTDI board plugged in to do this. Problem is that when I hit the flash firmware button, the dos box that comes up says ERROR: cannot open the com port, it may be in use by another application. I tried switching it to a different com port but no success. Can anybody give me some suggestions on what the issued might be?

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So it turns out the chip on my FTDI board was bricked by the latest Windows drivers. So I reprogrammed the eeprom with the proper VID and then downloaded some older drivers.  Then I installed the serial converter driver, unplugged it, plugged it back in and it came up under the com port. I installed the com port driver and then it worked. Wow! What a pain!  All that just so I could update the firmware on the gimbal and be able to calibrate it.

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