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While my two birds are down for a while awaiting parts and good weather, I play with my 35mm Canon, With that said, I have been trying to learn what I can. The Photoscape is fun to put you photos on try and figure out all the neat stuff you can do, Like stitching, changing the picture for the best result. I got the Idea from researching 3D photography for Agriculture, Nature, and more. I have been photographing on and off for about a year, all around Virginia Beach, mostly Historical in nature. NOOBIE.  In have another site that I haven't got to yet. Sketchfab. Thank You for responding

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Shooting & stitching panoramas is a snap with a stable drone.  Just shoot a picture rotate about 30 degrees and shoot another until you get back to where you started.  Make sure you have lots of overlap in the images.  It makes stitching much easier and produces a better result.  I'm not familiar with Photoscape, but, of course, photoshop does a great job.  I used it for the pano below.  You also may want to look for Microsoft ICE (Image composite editor).  Ice is very feature rich and believe or not, it's free.


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