Editing video and photos as well as adding music to them

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@Davidcbro This depends on a few things, The main one is do you have any experience with editing videos? If the answer is yes than you will have a base understanding of the concepts and most of the learning will just be how to apply said concepts via the blender program (this would not be too bad as it is just learning the keystrokes and button locations as well as some of the mechanics inside of blender). I can point you to some very helpful you tube instructional videos on video editing in blender. These will actually teach you about the basic concepts in video editing if you have never done it before.

I would say the best way is to get out there and start editing, your first one is going to be terrible... its alright because that next one will be better and the third one will be even better. As long as you stick with it, try new things, and pay attention to what works and what needs to be tweeked each time you edit a new video you will continue to improve.


take a look at this series for more info



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@RemotelyPossible  Yes, I have a little experience editing videos, at least enough to know the base concepts. I've created a few compilations using Pinnacle and to a lesser extent an app called Camtasia by TechSmith, neither of which I would consider going to for this venture.  


I like to learn, so any tips, tricks and YouTube links you can pass on would be greatly appreciated. Even the basic concept stuff. I'm sure there are holes in my limited knowledge base that could be filled up by additional learning.  


It's funny you supplied this vid link. I installed Blender the other night then did a search on Youtube and found Mikeycal and his series. I didn't have time to watch much but I did bookmark his channel. Real anxious to spend more time with it. Have to be careful though, I could very easily get carried away with the 3D animation stuff if I go off on that tangent 

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On 2/28/2016 at 10:50 AM, Christian Tucci said:

With most of my client productions I like to use frame.io It is specifically tailored towards sharing and reviewing video files (or any file) amongst a team. It has awesome collaboration tools built in that allow you or clients to make timecode based notes and even draw on the video to provide examples of a comment. You can create a project folder in frame.io and invite clients and the team into it. The videos can even be password protected and links sent out to people that don't have an account.

They have a free account tier but it is pretty affordable to upgrade to a higher tier if your business demands it.


I like Vimeo for hosting my videos. You can easily use privacy settings to stay away from hosy advertising

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In my opinion, and I find this to be especially true with drone footage, camera filters and post production color, saturation and exposure corrections are an absolute must.

If you're new to the game, Final Cut Pro X (mac) is very straightforward and user friendly for corrections. Adobe Premiere Pro (mac or pc) is more powerful, not unlike the legendary Final Cut Pro 7.

If you aren't using a good gimbal, Adobe After Effects takes a lot of the stress out of shot stabilization.

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