We are looking at partnering with Pilot Instructors.

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Hi All,

I was speaking with Alan today and he suggested I post on the forum here. I work for Prelaunch Labs and we are looking to partner with Drone Pilot Instructors on a program that involves the Epson Moverio BT-300 AR Glasses. These glasses allow the pilot to keep line of sight on the drone, while showing the flight data. If you would like more details about the program please email or call our office. 

JJ Eggers 

Marketing Manager 




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Hi JJ,

My name is Ryan Deremo, P107 certified pilot and owner of SkyFly Cinematics ( www.skyflycinematics.com ) based out of Los Angeles.

Sounds like a great product and something that will make it easier for us as pilots in the future.  Would love to talk further.

Just left you a VM, and hope to talk soon!




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Hi JJ,

I am in the Tampa Florida area and recently purchased a pair of BT-300 Moverio glasses and now that I have resolved an issue with a faulty HDMI module on the P4 controller, I can say these glasses work well. 

Having your UAS's display screen right there in view while being able to keep LOS on the drone is fantastic. I am no longer having to squint at an iPad screen with a bulky sunshade in the sun, (and still not really see much) what a blessing these are.

Have a Great Day,

J Allen



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