When to use Ground Control Points for Mapping

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One thing to remember is surveying laws vary by state.  Here in California, if you are setting ground control for aerial mapping it falls under the California Professional Land Surveyors' Act.  If you are not a  professional land surveyor and you want to utilize ground control to increase your positional mapping accuracy I highly recommend you consult with and hire a professional land surveyor to set the control for you.  

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If you carry a raw GPS logger that is post processing kinematic (PPK) capable then you can get 30cm (1ft) accuracy from a phantom 4. This starts to blur those lines between classes and certainly gets around the Californian Professional Land Surveyors Act. And in California you have access to the RINEX files from a large array of base stations.

I use an Emlid Reach GNSS unit on the back of my P4. It works really well and I have not noticed any degradation in flight characteristics, maybe a minute less in flight time. I am achieving 30cm(1ft) RMSE and my check points (not GCPS's as I don't tie my map to them, they are just for me as I verify the method) are all within that 30cm (1ft) radius.

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