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@sunbladerr Not that I'm aware of. Currently DD only interfaces with DJI products via their SDK. 3DR has their own apps and software you can use for mapping. I have no experience using the Typhoon H. If it isn't running Pixhawk or DJI, then I haven't seen much else. You can still manually trigger photos, but ideally you'd geotag those, and upload to Drone Deploy. 

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@sunbladerrThe processing is agnostic as far as where the images come from. If you are starting I'd suggestion Drone Deploy and Maps Made Easy. There are a few others out there, but these are cost effective. Processing on your own require a bit more skill and processing power. MME can process a single map for not a lot of $, and DD will do a monthly fee (they have a $99/month) if you think you will be producing a lot of maps. 

I don't have a recommendation on software to do automated flights to capture data at this time. 

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On 5/19/2016 at 7:28 AM, sunbladerr said:

@Lewis@IcarusAerials now I'm disappointed with Yuneec. I was planning to use the "H" for 3D mapping and photogrammetry.  The specs seem to only lend this machine uses to that of video. Can you verify that I didn't miss something before I switch to looking for another platform for my business?

I can't say I'm keeping up with Yuneec on the day to day level. As far as I know they aren't sharing their SDK and officially supporting 3rd party apps in any way. The Phantoms have gotten so cheap/powerful, it is hard not to recommend getting what you can for your Yuneec and switching. 

Also, as someone who has rooted his Android phone for years, and tries betas, I can't say I'd personally be excited about "rooting" my UAV and hoping for the best. 


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