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Hello everyone, I have spent 28ish years in the fire service with the last 15 in fire and aviation management with the US Forest Service specializing in incident command teams and media relations during large wildfires all over the US. Since leaving public service four years ago I have become a subject matter expert and contact point for both national and local media and because of my proximity to all the natural resources up here in rural Northern Arizona and the Four Corners region. I'm frequently asked to shoot video and provide imagery of news and weather situations up here. Oh and I'm a semi-well-known photog and small business owner up here too.  

I have been asked multiple times by local and federal agencies if I would be willing to do "drone work" for them. The answer had always been no. I will be testing for my 107 at Emory Riddle in Prescot, AZ soon thanks to Ground School. And I hope to put some recent HS graduates through the Ground School soon so they can come work for me. 

I currently own a Phantom 4 Pro. I use it to explore and shoot imagery. I am not interested in racing or speed mode so "Get off my Lawn"!

I'm loving Drone Pilot Ground School so far and I appreciate the sense of community here! 

Eric Neitzel

Show Low, Arizona

1-Neitzel (1 of 1)-2.jpg

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