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Good Morning,

I am meeting with my first RE Broker next week and would like to get a list of the "value" I can add to their listing agents.  What kind of presentation do you give to the agents to sell your services to the agency?



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It really depends upon what you can offer, in terms of service, ease of use, professionalism, turn around time on products, and so on.

So, do you plan to offer aerial service only?  And what does that include?  Will you be providing video?  Photo?  Both?  

If you're offering photos, will they be edited?  Will you make sure to straighten lines, balance color, and remove unsightly objects, such as trash cans, not-so-nice vehicles, yard tools?  Figure out what you can offer that's different AND better than whatever they're using now, and that will guide you through your presentation.

Whenever I do brokerage presentations, I try to gear it toward 'This is what you should expect from a professional', and less 'Hire me I'm so great.'  This way, they know I'm really just trying to educate them about what's out there, and it just happens that I can also provide these things if they wanna use me.

Whatever you do, stand by your pricing, be confident, and be ready for a mixed bag of responses.  Some will nod in agreement, some will remain stone cold silent, and some might scoff or show some emotion of disdain or disapproval of your prices.  Don't let that last little bit get in your head -be confident and know why you're worth those dollars.

I hope this is somewhat helpful.





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Great advice Jonathon.

If you are offering video, stills and possibly 360 panos you can look at a virtual tour software. You can make great presentations for both selling yourself and as a way to put all three elements into one presentation. In full disclosure, my company is a virtual tour software company, but I honestly think you will find the software to be helpful. If you aren't currently offering on the ground still images, you really should consider it. 

If the virtual tour software is something you would like to check out, you can try it for free here: 

or visit for more information.



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