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How many P4 batteries do you want to fly each day? While the systems sold by GoalZero sound good, they do not store that much energy until you get to the much larger and heavier units. Also it take a long time to recharge these batteries via solar and that is assuming lots of sunlight.

If I'm reading the charts correctly, it takes about 5 - 10 hours of sun to recharge the sherpa 100 assuming using 2 of the solar units. It also takes 4 hours via a car charger. A full charge for the sherpa 100 will only charge 1 to 2 phantom batteries.

So using the sherpa 100 will give you enough juice to power at most 4 batteries each day - I would plan on only half that because you are doing other things on your trip besides wanting to ensure your batteries are charged.

My way of thinking - which might be way off base for your needs - is to rent the goal zero yeti 1400. This is their largest capacity battery and can charge up to 20 - 25 batteries. For me, I wouldn't be too concerned using the sun to recharge the battery but find a plug as needed to recharge it.



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