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Hi to all fellow drone enthusiasts;)

I'm new to droning; i'm developer of alternative energy systems for a sustainable energy supply for everyone; solar and wind energy project developments require substantial amount of space; this space has to be mapped, georeferenced and topography imported into CAD for further processing (cut and fill, grading, foundation design, ...)

Later on, o&m work has to be performed (pole inspection, powerlines inspection and thermal inspection of solar field, ...)

I'm in the process of setting up business to provide development, design, and o&m drone services for the segment i'm in. I'm open to partnership.

I'm not very familiar with picture processing and I'm looking for recommendations with regard to system setup and process / workflow implementation.

My educational background is environmental engineering and physical oceanography (both master degrees from german universities)

I'm looking forward to your comments




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Welcome to the forum.

Are you setting up that business in Napa?  

We do the type of work your interested in.  Mostly photogrammetry but starting to do aerial LiDAR as well.

Here's a recent 3D model we created for a customer with aerial photogrammetry.  The key to success is that the model is accurate and repeatable.  And I'm not talking about whether the drone can fly the same path using waypoint navigation but that if you do will the model be identical when the images are processed. Timelapse/models/4-12/App/?scene= Aguilas/Rough Draft/scene/production_1.3mx#%2F

You need to zoom and and orbit around.  It might take a bit of caching to get to full res and display smoothly.

I'd be happy to discuss this type of work and how to accomplish it if you'd like to message me.  I'm tired of people being apoplectic because I don't share their opinions about consumer drones and smartphone applications. 

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Thanks for response;

Yes, I plan to setup business in bay area ( either napa or sacramento );

I have a broad network in the solar industry as well as utilities.

Interesting example you provided;

Are you a surveyor?

I will message you directly

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