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Hi UAV Coach Community,

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website! Please check it out and let me know what you think about the site - I would love to get the communities feedback. I am happy to talk with community members about how we developed the content and stayed within a aggressive budget!!

Check out to learn more about all of our aerial service offers - we produce a great newsletter every three months - sign up!

Also, please check out and follow our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram Pages too!


The Launch UAS Team


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Hi Alan,

Apologies about the delayed response it has been an incredibly busy week for Launch!  We are getting ready to bring onboard 5 new pilots across the US.  This is great news and your community has been an excellent resource - I love the forum and everything you do for the industry.

Here are Launch UAS top 4 tips for developing site content:

1)  UNDERSTAND THE MARKET!  Know the market and area that you want to concentrate on - do your market research.  This is an important step because it sets the initial course of your aerial services company and the content you will develop.  I would spend a lot of time on this step - Launch UAS spend about 1.5 years in this step.  

2)  STOP - TAKE A DEEP BREATH!  Things can move pretty fast so STOP and think of your life's experiences to date - really understand what are you good at?  Where have you previously worked, what are you knowledgable in and what are your strengths.  The founders and business partners of Launch UAS have engineering and finance backgrounds.  It made sense for us to focus on aerial inspection work scope so we developed our material with that in mind.  I'd suggest writing your strengths down and identifying what you can do effectively to support the content generation. 

3) KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW!  Just as important as knowing what you "do" know, understand what "don't" know and you can't achieve (or it will take you a long time to complete)!  It's worth the extra $$ to work with developers and photographers to support the development of your marketing material and site.  At Launch UAS we outsourced the site development aspect to ensure it was completed efficiently.  

4) SELECT YOUR SYSTEMS.  Understand what your UAS requirements are for the services you want to deliver and select the best system on the market at the time.  Then develop your content around those systems. 

As always, set a budget and weigh up the pros and cons of where you spend the capital.  Remember - your marketing material and site is only one piece of the puzzle.  Focusing on excellent customer service and delivery of a quality product is crucial in being successful in the aerial services industry.

Good Luck and Safe Flying.

Please reach out directly if you need anymore advice.

Launch UAS™

Taking Inspection to New Heights™

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