Alan Perlman

NDVI Imagery and Drones - Resources?

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Hi all, got a great email from someone in our community and wanted to crowdsource a response:


Alan, we're interested in determining how a UAS can assist in managing vegetation for terrestrial and wildlife management programs and for linear (poles and wires) corridor management, and for dam safety moisture content tracking. I understand NDVI imagery may be an option, but am confused by the huge variety of info on the web from vendors.
Where would you recommend we start looking to determine the clearest info to help us determine how and if UAS can help with these management programs, and what assets / software are the best value?


I know Sentera sells a DJI upgrade package. And I've heard about companies like Agrobotix and Drone Nerds, the latter selling add-on cameras, but I don't have direct experience with either company. 

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