First video using the course AP-P-101

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Hi Christian,

This is my first post and firts VID after working on the 50% of the course AP-P-101, this VID is for my personal vacations my goal was to take all the emotion and the fun on this travel with my family. I used the GoPro Hero 4, Karma with the Go Pro Hero 5 Black and the Dron  Mavic Pro, the Mavic Pro without filter only a Sun Lens Hood Glare Gimbal Protector. ( This protector sometime interfered with the VID i maybe back for the normal Gimbal protector or without)



I only used the Dron no more than 10 times so i still working in the smooth transitions but i think i improve, this VID take me some times due i am not familiar with the Final Cut Pro, but after this VID i feel more confident and start to make more easy for the next productions.



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Well done! For the kind of video you made and your goal, I think it works very well and I really don't have many comments as such.

One thing I would take into consideration is the length possibly. This all depends on your audience. The video is on the longer side especially for showing others what the vacation was like. That combined with some of the shots themselves being longer might be enough to not keep the viewer's full attention while watching. Again, this all depends on your audience for the video so if it is meant for you and close family to watch then it makes sense the way you did it.

A few transitions and movements with the drone can be smoothed out, as you mentioned though so good call there. Color looks pretty good to me, and you have a nice choice of music!

What are some things you would do differently next time around while filming, and what are some things you can do next time around when cutting a new version?



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Thanks for the comments, as i mention this video is only for keep inside the family i cut the most important moments  for 1 week vacations. Also i used to edit in a Macbook Air and the different between the Macbook Pro was the screen definition and for render  was taking more on time on the Macbook Air.

What are some things you would do differently next time around while filming, and what are some things you can do next time around when cutting a new version?

Definitive a scheduled and programming scenarios, using different shots and combined with more dinamical shots using the Karma Gymbal. Find the way to change the setting on the Dron to make the gymbal camera move more smooth and practice more with the Dron.  Using static shot with the GoPro cameras as the one i take on the Baywatch tower. 

On the new version i will remove the family aspect and create more a business opportunity with the video, thats must be a short video. And showed how fun is this place and the same time invited the people to this place. 

One of the challenge i found was the length of the video versus the music i was thinking in make more short but i will lose some personals moments, i did not find a music long enough for the video in that moments i think why not to used to songs, and thats why i make the video long but in general i was very happy with results. 

There are two aspect that i visit this place: Family fun and a good surf spot in front of the Beach Club no need to travel for find a surf spot, just have fun in the hotel that is All include.  

I will work on a new cutting version and post one more time. 





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Hi Carlos,

It is refreshing to see a video that uses drone footage mixed with other interesting views to tell a story.  Watching great drone footage that is only drone footage only goes so far.  I like the under water shots and under water/above water transitions.  It's creative and really helps to tell the story of the event.

A you said, this is a video of your vacation and your family.  I think that since it's for your rememberances, you've done a great job.  If you wanted to make a video of the venue for general web viewing. I suspect that you would have made different scene selections.

IMHO, I think concentrating on drone view only videos, as great as the views and shots are, is somewhat of a problem for the image of drones.  Making videos where drone footage is not the main character, but only used to enhance story telling is what will pull drone technology into the main stream and foster greater acceptance of the technology.  I've seen some advertisements where this has been beautifully done and IMO, makes for much more compelling and impactful drone footage.  There will be exceptions where the story is best told from a drone view.

My goal as a videographer is to have the viewer almost not realize that drones were used, but come away with appreciation for the video story as a whole.


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