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Hey guys I'm sure this may have been posted before but I thought we could have a general conversation in one spot. I have a few topics I'd like to discuss and would like to here what you all have to say. Here goes:

Does anyone have information on:
Pricing services: When it comes to agriculture, is there a formula? I.e. to price a certain amount of acreage? 
What is the average rate for real estate videos/photography? 
Any ideas on finding new clients? 
How do you keep up with the fast pace of the industry? I feel like if I'm not reading about it daily, I fall behind. 
Is there any commercial drone insurance? If so, what do you recommend? 
Any ideas on gaining construction contracts?
Anyone interested in networking?
Also, what other brands besides DJI do you recommend for commercial services? Their GEO fencing seems to be upsetting the commercial industry quite a bit and I don't feel they are a reliable company.  Their customer service and product turn around for repairs is very disappointing. However, they make one amazing product! 
Thank you for taking the time!
Thanks in advance hope we can have on going dialogue. 
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