Big rigs on movie sets: 9 important factors to consider

Steve Bennett

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Those are some big drones.  

The issue, which was discussed in the article, is that to be successful at that level has more to do with your knowledge of using a drone in the movie production workflow and being prepared.

Im  not really interested in playing in that sandbox but there's a lot to learn about how they're using drones that might be applicable to industrial inspection.  

The crash video was funny.  The drone version of "the Darwin Awards."  Thankfully there will be a lot fewer idiots with toy drones trying to do commercial work.


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Interesting article, especially that last video. Although several of those painful crashes appear to be due to pilot error/stupidity it looks like a few were due to component failure. With a quad you only need one motor to fail and its hello ground. The ability to continue to fly with a motor or ESC failure has to be  mandatory along with dual GPS, dual power and redundant sensors in the flight controller. I guess a parachute mechanism should also be considered but maybe not very effective at low altitude. 

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