Newly invested: 107 Yes! Mavic Pro Yes! Seek mentors Yes!

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Just invested in my Mavic Pro, seeking partners / mentors to walk me through challenges as they arise.  Yes, although I am watching all the videos and pushing all the buttons, I'm not yet in the air.  

Having tagged myself as a "Curious Business Opportunist," a UAS program in Central Washington State (Big Bend Community College, Moses Lake) revealed itself to me when I left my profession in STEM / hands-on science education programs over a five state Pacific NW territory in January 2017.  

Not surprised, I was the:  oldest, only female, ready to roll.

Without a doubt, I could do this independently.  My preference is to partner with others around the country and around the world to embark on special projects.  As much as I appreciate stunning cinematography, I sense surveying for data as a better way to partner.  That said, I hope to hear from anyone who might become a part of a hub, available for a call or mutual coaching along the way.

Why work independently when the outcome of multiple minds can produce amazing results?!!

I do plan on attending InterDrone.

Looking forward, Kate

P.S.  I own a home in Syracuse, NY so am here right now.  I spend a greater part of my year in Washington State (Seattle & Central WA) and intend to expand my interests globally.

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