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Australia rescue club try out drones to patrol beaches


Australia rescue club controls JTT drone T60 v1 equipped with a special payload which is combined with a HD camera, a loud-speaker, a search light and a release platform to carry the rescue equipment for surveillance and rescue tasks in Golden Coast beach, March 3th, 2017.

Australia rescue association have started using drones to help patrol some of the country's most popular beaches at a time when tourist arrivals are reaching record highs.

Rescue association in Golden coast, rolled out the technology in the beginning of last year, using the special payload on the light unmanned aircraft to detect swimmers in trouble or boats that may need help.

They said the drone - first used in golden coast though other resorts are now launching the aerial surveillance tool - had let them quickly verify situations flagged up by the public.

"We have two purposes for the drone: preventative surveillance, where we fly it four times a day, and on-the-spot surveillance where if there's a problem we will fly it to check it out," says Eddie Bennet, the CEO from Ripper group in charge of the rescue working on golden coast beach.

 The number of foreign tourists arriving in Australia rose nearly 12 percent in the first six months of the year over the same period in 2016 as the open policy.


The disabled pilot controls JTT T60 v1 for the daily surveillance and rescue task

Drones have already been used by authorities elsewhere too as a means of ensuring bather safety, including in areas known for shark attacks.

In the public security field, the relative governments realized that we have to use new technology to increase the efficiency and keep the safety.

So JTT drones are widely used in daily surveillance, search and rescue, anti-terrorism, traffic management, fire rescue, mapping, environmental monitoring and so on.

For more information, Welcome to visit the website: .

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Drones, Helicopters, Aeroplanes, Jet all offer different services, we cant say that what Drone can do Helicopters cant, and what Helicopters do Drones cant.. It means think of it - Drones - No mans land, while to run Helicopters need human being.
Well it all depends on the work functionality military uses drones for vivid functionality but we cant use drones as the military uses in our every day life... there are restrictions. 

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On 2017/8/31 at 2:32 PM, Lou said:

Most of these tasks are using Multi why not helicopters? isn't it more power efficient?



On 2017/8/24 at 7:00 PM, thewomble said:

Doing the same in New Zealand. Having to train people, get permission to fly over people etc. Good luck with this.

Yes, It's better to have the training course before to fly the drone, We also can offer the training for the users, Welcome to visit the below link for the cooperations on UAV Training Academy with our partner in Australia.

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On 2017/8/31 at 2:32 PM, Lou said:

Most of these tasks are using Multi why not helicopters? isn't it more power efficient?


Multi drones is not to instead of the helicopter, but the effect will be much more better If combined with two types, After all, the cost of helicopter is much higher than multi-drones, The multi-drone can help us to do the daily patrol, immediate rescue with low cost.

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On 2017/9/1 at 0:11 AM, Av8Chuck said:

Helicopters are much harder to fly, generally more noise, more dangerous and expensive to repair.

helicopters could be better to deliver aid once someone has been located in a remote area.

Yes, Exactly.

In fact, the UAV also can deliver some rescue device, the below link for your reference:


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On 9/1/2017 at 4:47 AM, Lou said:

What if a long duration flight is needed? for example search and rescue but large area which needed more than 30 minute of flight.

or in the case of strong wind like hikers who got lost and trapped in a storm.

True but I think in this case they more focused on delivering aid rather than search and rescue which would only need a few minutes of flight time I guess.

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