Tell Us Your Biggest Challenge

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Awesome, first post, first thread.:D

Kevin Needham here, FlyBot Aviation, British Columbia, Canada. Commercial UAV Operator,  Equipment:  Phantom 3 Professional


My biggest challenge so far is finding customers. I have "self-taught" myself to pilot, obtained my federal certification (called the SFOC permit in Canada) and practiced and researched my skills. I have liability insurance, I have obtained my Aviation Radio Operators certificate.

I have cold called my local area, speaking to realtors for pictures/video, spoken to construction and municipal governments for mapping or construction documentation and using some of the newest software, have honed my mapping and 3D map building skills.

I have done very few jobs so far, realestate work, which is one-off work.

I find it challenging to present myself to local industry, survey, mapping companies when my background is less technical than their own.

I am entrepreneurial by nature, so often try to devise, brainstorm ideas that might entice customers to opt-in to UAV services, ideas like starting a video map of my city, or possibly a video map per industry  (EG: Looking for the best seafood restaurant, watch the video)  then charging customers a fee to have their store, location marked inside the video, or to have contact info included.  Trying to devise a packaged product to sell.

I believe my main interest is industry, inspections, documentation, volumetrics etc.

If this forum, and specifically this course will help narrow and simplify the process of finding customers, it will be worth every penny :).


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Hey Kevin! Thanks for posting and welcome to the group.

You've done some jobs you have a demo reel of your work posted somewhere? Do you have a website?

That's the best place to start when thinking about how to demonstrate professionalism to potential clients. You've got to have a website that makes it extremely clear WHO you are, WHAT you do, and most importantly what VALUE you can bring to your potential clients.

Happy to help you map that out...

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