UAV drones ccarbon composites designing and production


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Hi everyone,

I have 40 years of experience in hi-tech composites industry, moreover R&D in aerospace composites technology, I am capable of designing, produce (mass production scale) with the full avionics system for any specs of UAV fixed wing or air target required, as well multicopter and V-tol,  made of hi-modulus carbon, hybrid Kevlar, fabrics, and high mechanical performance epoxies composites using advanced production process vacuum bagging and other to achieve high aerodynamic performance and economic cost.

Note: I shift my workshop from Dubai ( I was working there for more than 20 years) which includes the moulds and UAVs models for the 2.8 wingspan V type, 4.5m wingspan V-type electrical power, 4.5m wingspan double booms petrol engine, 6.1m wingspan double booms and sweep-back canard, with full equipment and engines and RC Giant models as well.      

Please see below my website and YouTube link.

I am thinking to start a school business for fixed wing drone and UAV muiltcopter .
Best Regards, 

Farid J. Al Mussawi

1Chateau street, Calamvale, 
QLD 4116, Australia 
M: (+61) 404 601 163 


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