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3 hours ago, RTV, Inc. - Jay said:

Hi Everyone,

I am asked about drone insurance all the time ( I work with drone operators across the US and Canada). What insurance do you suggest? Has anyone used the on demand insurance and had to place a claim? How did that go for you?

If you aren't flying many flights then the per-flight online insurance might be good enough. The one time I used them I was charged $25.00 for that particular flight. We were looking at a few policies but in the end, the university decided to self-insurance for liability. All we have to provide for the program is hull insurance. Look at Ryan Turner Specialty Aviation insurance. I know there are others out there as well that are comparable.

I have not had any incidents to date so I do not know how the claims process goes.

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Unless you are flying several hundred hours or more a year the "on demand" insurance is probably the best way to go, if you can adequately plan the location and time in advance.  I've been obtaining liability and hull insurance quotes from several agencies and the prices are unbelievably high, even having bu-ku recorded hours of full scale and UAV flight time.  For what they want to cover up to  two million $ in liability you could insure a low time pilot in a tail dragger and a Mooney and have enough money left over for a nice vacation.  Someone with 50 hours in a Cessna 150 can obtain $1 mil hull and liability insurance for $800.00 or less a year while just the liability coverage for a multirotor will be well over $1,000.00 for $1mil in coverage.  If you want hull and equipment coverage the price jumps up even more.

Sorry for the rant but the rape of commercial multirotor operators has yet to diminish.

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Have to agree with Pat.  Another thing is the underwiters want to charge you for each model even if you fly 1 at a time.  It's a total scam at this point  For this reason I've been using Verifly.  I have not heard of any claims or how they were handled. But the underwriter they use is legit so there is that. Also they don't care which one of your fleet you use so long as it is in the same weight class.

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We have used Hill and Usher's Aerial Pak for over a year (333 exemption and now Part 107) to provide liability insurance.  Last year they were pretty good and provided responsive service.  This year, they have been pretty un-responsive to our requests for increasing our policy limits due to customer contract requirements.  

Hill and Usher has provided liability insurance for typical photographers for a number of years.  Their Aerial Pak insurance seemed pretty reasonable and they weren't charging us based on the number of aircraft or pilots on the policy.   We fly for Industrial Inspections of large infrastructure and our customers require us to have significant insurance as part of the contract; pay as you go insurance will not work for our customers.  

We have not tried to get hull insurance - we self-insure our aircraft; and just avoid crashing them as the cheapest form of insurance.  :-)

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