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Okay, I'll try to do the introduction thing right this time;)

Essentially I'm a general nobody, a small commercial operator with a lot of experience in different but associated things.  I've got a small hastily built website to help advertise what I like to do.  40+ years RC aviation including giant scale 3d. An active member of the AMA until this year when I dropped membership because of their lack luster support of multirotors and completely turning their back on the commercial multirotor sector.  Obtained my first pilot certificate in 1989 and a member of the AOPA since then.  13.5 years with military grade UAV's.  4 years of multirotors as a design builder and user of consumer drones.  Politically active where aviation law is concerned.

I've used APM, DJI, Pixhawk, Vector, Yuneec (in that order) and a couple other brands not worth mentioning.  I strongly believe people have a right to make their own decisions, and have to live with the results of their decisions.  However, I do believe we have a long standing serious issue where new multirotor operators have neither the knowledge or training necessary to make safe flight decisions and therefore support a required training, testing, and licensing syllabus before the purchase of an automated or semi automated multirotor is permitted.  I also believe certificated commercial operators have demonstrated their knowledge of our National Airspace System (NAS) through FAA required testing and are fully capable of deciding when and where they can and/or should fly without being limited by a manufacturer's desire to maintain total control of their products.  I believe data generated by the operator and for a client is the property of the operator and client.  Lacking a legal warrant, nobody else has any right or reason to obtain, view, store, or mine that data.   My position is once we buy something it belongs to us and nobody else.

I believe in a free market, one where aviation is not controlled by mega corporations focused on only their own interests.  I also believe a man that loves his work never works a day in his life.


Thanks for the soapbox,


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Hi Pat, and welcome.

There aren't any nobodies on this forum!?  Not even sure what that means.  Although this is a relatively small site the quality of information and people is much better than many of the hobby forums that are overrun by fans of one manufacturer or the other.  

There's a lot going on in the commercial drone industry and we need a place where we can discuss what the changes might mean, how are people developing purpose built solutions, and what are some of the different applications without being badgered about the brand of drone your flying.  

So please jump into any of the existing conversations, start your own topics and invite your friends.  We can use your help in making this a site that is well attended with thoughtful discussions about the business of drones.


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Hi Guys,  thanks for the invite, Chuck.

I'm up in the Northwest-most corner of the contiguous US in Washington state. I've been a private pilot since 1996 and started flying multirotors in 2012. Obtained a 333 in 2015 and 107 in 2016.  It is pretty rural where I live and most of the commercial uas work I get to do is construction progress and land use stuff with an occasional few video shots for commercial video projects. I'm a full time finish carpenter and remodel contractor but would like to do more commercial uas work as I get closer to retirement age.

I look forward to learning new stuff in here!

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Hi Dave, thanks for making the jump to UAVCoach.com.  

We did a whale research project in Maui and one of the unintended consequences was that large commercial Oil & Gas, and Utilities were very interested to know if our technology would be helpful with environmental impact studies.  I think it certainly could be but we got pulled in a different direction with Civil Engineering.  

I'd love to hear more about your land use projects.     

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Av8Chuck, thanks for the invite. I always appreciate sanity!

As far as introductions go, I don't have a pilots license, nor do I have a commercial drone license. I started building/flying drones of all shapes and sizes back in 2009. But my interest cooled off significantly when public paranoia went up and the FAA instituted their initial guidelines.

Looks like things have settled down a bit and I've been kicking around the idea of studying up for the commercial drone license. My interest is purely for scenic nature videography.

Not sure how I "Tag" my location so I'll just type it out... Southwestern Idaho :)



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Hi Paul,

I think for industry forums to be effective they need to have a more professional focus.  When you look at most of the forums today that has a consumer focus they are a nightmare.

You don't have to have a 107 certificate to be a professional, there are a lot of professionals who will contribute good things to this industry that will probably never fly a drone and there are others such as yourself who contributed so much before multirotor's became "drones" to this profession.

Its great to hear from you.

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