How To Be A Distributor Of A Billion-Dollar Market

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 How To Be A Distributor Of A Billion-Dollar Market


According to a new study, the global commercial UAV market is expected to reach $2.07 billion by 2022. Increasing applications in law enforcement and geo mapping are expected to drive commercial UAV industry growth over the forecast period. Commercial drones are finding applications across various industry verticals globally. Every industrialized country in the world is making investments in drones, thus driving the scope and technological developments for applications in the commercial UAV market.


JTT Technology, a Shenzhen based company who is specialized in developing, producing and marketing of industrial drones. We have sold our JTT industrial UAV series in China and have started exporting them to more countries in this year. We plan to add more countries in our marketing network, where we can extend our technical expertise.


From joint development of solutions to best-in-class global distribution, working with JTT enables you to achieve your business objectives and help you stay ahead of the competition. We seek long term relationships with strong partners to serve their local markets. Our consultative approach allows us to identify customer requirements and span the project lifecycle, from planning and design to delivery, deployment, maintenance, and operation. Our reliable UAV products and flight control system are backed by many years of experience and applications. Together, we offer leading-edge products and solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of our mutual customers.


The advantages of becoming our distributors are:

  • Attractive prices and rebates
  • After sale subsidy
  • Marketing materials and resources
  • Pilot and Drone Knowledge Training

Are you interested in becoming a distributor for industrial drones? Please feel free to contact Sales Director Coco Chen at for details; we are thrilled to have you join this billion-dollar market!


Contact Information


Shenzhen JTT Technology Co.,Ltd.


Sales Contact:


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