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Thought I would share one of my four cameras I had recording the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017.  This was taken in southern Illinois over the Lake of Egypt near Marion.  You will notice a distant (6.5 mile away) unpaved airports runway lights automatically turn on as the moon blocks the sun, before they turn back off (upper left corner).  The colors were so surreal that color correcting seemed a bit off even though I remember the way it really looked.  You can see the shadow approaching from the bottom right of the screen, and after the moon passes you will see the shadow come back in the opposite direction before I do spin to show the area I was flying.  I experienced 2 1/2 min of complete totality.

This was taken with manual exposure settings on a DJI Phantom 4 from about 380ft AGL.  I filmed in d-log at 4k cinematic, 24fps and sped it up into a time-lapse.  Used the lowest neutral density filter I had, which was a PolarPro ND-4 . Custom settings were -2 for sharpness, contrast and exposure.  I used FCPX to do color correction and edit this short sample to share with you all.

I have lots more footage of this spectacular experience to share with the world, from my Canon XH A1s, Celestron brand telescopes & binoculars, DJI OSMO+, GoPro Hero 4 Black and some iPhone7.  Expect some more visual goodies very soon!

Cheers and safe flying,

-Ryan Deremo

 SkyFly Cinematics


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