"DJI-Fencing" and Certified Operators

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There are some of us that have had a long standing "lobbying" effort with DJI to allow certified operators to completely opt-out, or turn off GEO and NFZs on owned DJI aircraft.  We have been met with endless excuses as to why they (Brendan Schulman @DJI ) won't allow this.

It's been reported that approved operators in Texas have overwhelmed the flysafe@dji individual unlock system (the official DJI mechanism currently in place to get GEO turned off) and in response,  DJI has simply turned off the system in Texas.  This is good for certified ops but could be bad for letting uneducated or nefarious operators fly as well.

I brought up this point on RCG in the official "GEO" thread,  and Ken,  "Blade Strike" has hinted that DJI may finally be getting the message and that opting out may be possible in the near future (no time frame set) for certified operators.  We'll have to stay tuned to see what transpires.


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@Spitfire76 Post this in the hurricane thread:  

Its a bit long but they talk about needing to get "permission" from DJI and then near the end when they're getting ready to launch they can't believe when they power up DJI pushes an upgrade on them. If this wasn't such a tragic situation this would be funny. 

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Glad to see that you made the transition.

This forum is a bit reminiscent of the early days of drone operators looking for kindred spirits who were trying to figure how to make a living in this industry.  A little like when Bart started Multirotor.com.

Trouble is all of the Facebook forums and RCGroups just argue about everything and quite frankly they've become this total DJI group think... 

Is not that apposed to discussing DJI related issues, I'm more interested in discussing how DJI related issues affect our ability to be profitable.  I don't care if people choose to use DJI or any other manufacturers drones.  

In watching all of the drama that has become DJI, it's kind of interesting, at times it feels like there's a generational divide.  There's plenty of older business people using DJI but I'm guessing it's inconceivable for the younger hobbyists to imagine questioning the prerogatives of a large company like DJI?  

When you, and others brought it to Brendan's attention that the  GEO Fencing policy would lead to the mess they're in, no one on RCG wanted to discuss it.  

I think there are more adults here that are open to discussing sticky issues, it's not so much about talking each other into our out of one way of thinking...   

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